AMIP is an open, accessible and Afghan driven platform designed to make the peace process in Afghanistan more inclusive by providing the public with a structured, impartial, and non-partisan mechanism that insure they have an active and central role in building and significantly more inclusive peace process. 

AMIP considers the inclusivity in term of gender, ethnic, sectoral and geographic balance will be kept in mind the make – up of the mechanism, and it its activities. Equally as important is the perception that AMIP is acting as a legitimate representative body. This will partly be addressed through AMIP formal links to the intra – Afghan peace process, and partly through the involvement of a diverse range of civil society organizations in the Steering Committee. 

AMIP will simply collect the results, summaries them and prepare them into documents that can be used at the negotiation table. The sources for AMIP information and consultations are as follows:

  • Public consultation 

The emphasis of public consultations is on achieving the most representative picture of public attitudes. 

  • Civil society consultation 

AMIP would offer civil society organizations a way to contribute to the peace process, beyond their role in surveying the public. 

  • Sectoral or thematic consultation

Sectoral consultations could take the form of facilitated stakeholder consultations or focus groups with invited representative from a specific sector or interest group in Afghanistan, or an interaction between relevant Afghan civil society actors and international expert in the field. 

We are delighted to launch the Afghanistan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP) on 16, September, 2020, at 09:00 AM at the Serena Hotel Kabul.

We look forward your kind participation and invite you to go through the AMIP website and get in touch.